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Monday, July 18, 2005

Its gonna be a busy week

But I'm only working today and tomorrow. With school both nights. Wednesday starts the annual trip to the Oregon coast with the BSU and the camper so there is much to do before heading out. Over the weekend I got the tires rotated and the oil changed in the truck, had the coolant replaced and bought some firewood. I also finished a term paper, hooked up the Tiny Tach on the scooter and worked on my knocked-down fence.

The fence is not finished after 2 weeks of being down. We had a good windstorm whip through that broke off two of the 4X4 posts where they had rotted at ground level in the concrete mowing strip. Noah started the job during his two weeks off from Job Corp but then his plans got more important than my plans and he didn't finish the work. Yesterday, I bought three new posts and dug out the holes of the rotted wood that remained below the concrete. Digging dirt and wood chunks out through a 4 inch square hole is a little tricky- let me tell you! Anyway, the new posts, because they are new and damp won't fit through the concrete holes... Rats! Old pieces that I have laying around fit right in but  the new posts were sticking and not fitting in. I hope a couple days of drying in the sun will shrink them down so they fit and I can get some cement in around them.

Ninety-two bucks to have the truck's coolant changed on Saturday. I could have done it myself but there just seemed to be enough other chores to keep me busy. That fee seemed like a bundle but I haven't touched the coolant since I bought the truck 5 years and 100,000+ miles ago. So dividing the cost by the years makes it seem not so bad really. And I decided that I would rather get it done in town, at my convenience than doing it on the way to Oregon while on vacation. There is over 4 gallons of coolant in that truck's system as well, so maybe I'm glad to pay somebody else to deal with the disposal issues.

So today I've got 2 briefings to give an hour from now, some online training to complete, a Purchase Request to cancel and an email to write to my instructors explaining my upcoming absences and how I will complete the work before the term ends next week. Gotta run!

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